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Best School in Lucknow

विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद् याति पात्रताम्।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम्॥

Our Facility

New Public Inter College Provides Modern buses.

Our Team

Many people including students live in a world.

Library & Laboratories

The motto of the school is “Satyamev Jayate”.



The objective of Best School in Lucknow (New Public Inter College) is to build the students personality through various activities. Our mission is to empower each and every child of our college significantly increase his/her performance and capabilities in order to achieves worth while purpose through "Vinay & Vivek".

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Mr. Asha Ram Shukla


(L.D.A Branch)


Many people including students live in a world of day dreaming. This common single is “I wish…someday…..” but you can never fullfilled any thing wishing only. Always I believe in new invention fo me our first priority is to make a responsible which can be book for the society as well as for the nation, So we effort to make all the NIPC”S enable to understand the real task of aim or life as well as of studies and complete it by full filing all the required objective.

I must also thankful to all parents for making it Best School in Lucknow .



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Most reputed School in Lucknow

Best School in Lucknow signifies one of the top institution for the bright future and holistic development of your child. New Public Inter College Lda is one of the oldest and best School that is providing knowledge from every aspects to the students. We have a great focus on the teaching quality and learning with the use of new innovative and technical methods. We provide best knowledge with right blend of approach in the best way that makes pupils to develop an extensive range of different interest. New Public Inter College is a school in Lucknow area that completely emphasized on the future of their students.

One of the Best School in Ashiyana

Best school in Ashiyana it has a wonderful infrastructure well maintained labs and other facilities from playground to transportation facilities for students; New Public Inter College LDA has completed a great successful journey in shaping the future of the students. It has a firm believe to form the present day of every child into completely confident, strong, and to develop disciplines that would make every child to cope up with this rapidly changing world. We have a strong believe that every child should have all round development that is why we develop both mind and knowledge of student and much focused towards overall personality of pupils. It has wide infrastructure that includes aesthetically designed teachers rooms, well equipped class rooms, smart classes with audio- video learning aids. The power house of knowledge “Books”, here we have good collection of technical books for all the subjects in our well maintained library that makes a highly nurturing environment for building a source of knowledge bank for students.

Schools in Lucknow

A large number of Schools in Lucknow are running providing good knowledge , however many of them are lagging in basic need that play a very crucial and important role in every child development as the time is changing with a fast pace. Well we provide all the basic needs and other necessary things that are required for making a child’s future bright. As we all know there is a cut throat competition is running across the world so we know importance of computers, labs, science labs and other things required for the complete development of any child. We believe in excellence, and we never compromise with the standards and the children requirements. We have highly well qualified and dedicated team of teachers, who are extremely perfect and confident in their subjects. It is the reason that people have trust on us and it is the only reason that we are the one of the Best School in Lucknow.

Best School in LDA giving knowledge and ethics

New Public Inter College located in SEC-D believes in giving knowledge and life ethics also to the students for their future. We have firm believe that every child is the future of tomorrow that plays a vital role in society, country and world development. It is school in LDA where guardians are treated with great dignity and with all the respects in words, actions and also in the body language. Their queries are answered with patience, calmly understanding their views and making approach to solve their queries. Apart from it for daily reporting to parent’s school uses School Management software where student reports can be viewed by parents on regular basis and regular messages are sent.All these makes it Best School in LDA.

Best School in Lucknow shaping future of Students

It is a mission and vision of New Public Inter College, the Best School in Lucknow that every child should have right to get best knowledge that he can get and can attain. We believe that Education is the only thing from which any person changes his life. It plays a major role in life we all need education. We know that without education a person is like a car which has no wheel. So Education is must in every one life and everyone should understand the importance of education. We give our best to give education to all for that purpose we run different innovative methods to make all students mentally and physically strong. We have a strong belief that every child has unique skills and unique talents that are required to be explored and carved out at different stages and levels. India’s one of the Best school in Lucknow provides and gives exposure to all students in taking part in different activities and have a wide range of outdoor and indoor games and activities that student love to play from like basket ball, football, badminton, cricket, etc. This Best School in LDA location is giving a well defined path to children who take them for their bright and goal oriented future.

All these feature in this school make it best school in Lucknow. The infrastructure of this school makes it best school in Ashyiana.